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We look forward to showing you all cryotherapy has to offer you. From cryo facials to cryotherapy pain management, we can help you reach your cryo goals.


"I had mild cellulite in my posterior thighs after recovering from a knee injury. After two treatments, the cellulite was dramatically less visible! In between treatments, I did moderate exercise (some jogging and weight training) three times a week, drank lots of water, and exfoliated the skin to help flush out the metabolites in the cells.
The procedure was awesome, no pain or unpleasantness during or after. I can see myself using it to help get rid of that lower abdominal fat that has haunted me forever! In no way would I ever use or advocate for plastic surgery, but I am overjoyed to know I have non-invasive, non-pill form method of reducing fat.
Another side benefit of the cryoliposis is the lessened pain and recovery time from cooling the muscles down!"

“After 2 sessions I’ve lost 4 pounds and 1 1/2 inches off my waist. I’m very happy with my results so far and will definitely continue with my treatments to complete the recommended five. Thank you so much. I totally recommend everyone give the Cryo T Shock a try!"


“I was invited to look into cryo T shock a few months back. I did my research on Cryo therapy And saw how it has so many benefits in the human body for inflammation and pain but it also helps with fat freezing and skin revitalization! I was lucky to find CryoBodyATl. I work out a lot and watch my diet but have always struggled with a bigger bottom and cellulite. This has worked wonders for me! I had Coolsculpt in the past, and this was much more gratifying!! After my first treatment, I saw dramatic difference and even have photos to prove it. I am on my third treatment of 5 and I am very please! I have seen over 50-75 % reduction in cellulite I can't wait do another body part! It really really works!"